Essence of an
Ancient Legacy



Spitz type, powerful, square dog, possessing a blue-black tongue, apparently straight hock with pendulum rear movement, lips just touching - not overhanging. Hunting dog - gamefowl, wolves, bears & deer of China. Harness dog hauling loads, Herding, Companion. Brave guard, cautious with strangers, utterly devoted to it's own. As such Chow Chows were mentally & physically sound, functional.

Ciao Chows strives to maintain Chow Chows measuring true to Historic requirements, not only a Standard.



Breeding Principles:

* Physical Soundness:

Ciao Chows at home and living elsewhere thrive when regularly challenged to perform & endure physically and mentally close to history requirements.
All breeding Ciao Chows and some as pets undergo various assessments & tests - according to current behavioural & medical understanding.
No misleading claims: each dog's health certification on their page and/or pedigree.

* Aesthetic Correctness

To measure cosmetics, occasional shows are attended by both myself & some of the Ciao Chow puppy owners. We enjoy excellent evaluation despite limited showing.
At shows, the Chow Chow is evaluated for aesthetic correctness (per a Breed Standard), as well as skills in handling (presentation), grooming and training.

* Mental Health

Ciao Chows at home live as a harmonious pack. Ciao Chow puppies join families - many with children and other pets - where they live in home environments. Consistently stable temperaments are a necessity.
They have active bodies and busy minds - they have commitment from owners to socialising, training and regular exercise.

Aesthetic Correctness