April 2018:


We are happy to introduce the "Once in a Blue Moon" puppies - born March 31, 2018.
(date of the blue moon!) Thank you to the Carswell family for making 8 year old, gentle spirited, superbly behaved, Baloo available at stud (all the way from Cape Town).

(Photos 2 weeks old)


Sire - Baloo: Ciao Unforgetablues - blue smooth

Dam - Inci: Sadalbari Blanc de Noir of Ciao - cream rough

3 black boys, 2 black girls. (We will only know rough or smooth at about 4 weeks of age).


Pedigree of this litter

More photos on our Facebook Page



Ciao Chows' Puppies:

* In choosing parents, colour comes last on the list of priorities.
* One parent has to be smooth for there to be smooth puppies born.
* Certainty of smooth or rough is often only at 3-5 weeks.
* Ciao Chows used in breeding are all health certified.
* No misleading claims - health certification on the dogs' pages and all pedigrees.
* Puppies are raised in a home environment and are all KUSA registered.
* Puppies are microchipped, dewormed and innoculated by a qualified veterinarian before they leave here.
* Puppies ideally leave home between 8-12 weeks of age and are sold on contract.



Available Adults:

* Occasionally I may know of sterilized adult Chow Chows in need of a good PET home. If you are prepared to offer a FUREVER home to a sterilized adult Chow Chow, please contact me with details of your home environment and hopes for a companion.



Frozen Sperm:

* I may be prepared to ship frozen sperm from some of the males bred by me. If you see a male which interests you (living with me or elsewhere), please contact me about your hopes and plans.