Ciao Chows' Fundamentals

Ciao Chows strives to maintain Chow Chows measuring true to a rich History, not only measuring true to a Breed Standard.

Please peruse the Ciao Chows fundamentals, particularly if you would like to own a beautiful Ciao Chows' puppy one day.

Foundations & with others

An enduring Chow Chow future needs solid foundations. Meet the boys and girls which steered direction over time.

A real-time measuring tool is constant feed back & co-operation from puppy owners. Meet the girls and boys which love other families.

Ciao Chows
in Shows

The breed show ring measures aesthetic correctness as well as skills in training, grooming & handling (presentation).

Ciao Chows attend few shows yet receive excellent evaluation. Meet the Champion Boys, the Champion Girls and hear the Latest News

Photo Gallery

Photo Albums of rough and smooth puppies in 5 colours

Photo Albums of rough and smooth adults in 5 colours

Photo Albums of chow chows at work, play, familytime, etc