We are privileged to have Matisse as part of our Ciao Chows' family.
He is from the highly respected Redcloud Chow Chows (USA).
Thank you Zola for entrusting him to me and allowing me to stand on the shoulders of Giants. Centuries of experience produced Matisse!!! (some 40yrs of carefully planned Chows each for just Rebelrun, Chowlamar and Redcloud, not counting other breed greats.)


Sire: USA Ch Chowlamar Redcloud Make My Mark
Dam: USA Ch Redcloud Tienshan Ganga
black rough male
Certified: HD:A, ED:0, No Patellar Luxation, Eyes Clear

Full Pedigree - Matisse at Shows

Matisse is from a very well proven lineage with great depth of mental and physical soundness: clearing health certification, achieving in performance and distinguishing themselves in conformation - many also featuring in the Top Ten competition in the USA.

He has settled in fast and well with the pack here at Ciao Chows & at his first show is awarded Best Puppy in Show!

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Welcome to Africa, Matisse: Paint It Black!